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Bridger Pennington 

Bridger Pennington is the founder of 3 funds focused in debt and real estate which have raised and deployed millions of dollars. Bridger has done over 326+ transactions over the past 4 years.
On the side, he runs Investment Fund Secrets to help others start their own funds in a world where people believe you need Ivy League credentials or Wall Street experience to break into.
(Spoiler Alert: You Don't.)
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What Is Investment Fund Secrets?


Investment Fund Secrets helps fund managers launch, build, and scale their fund without having a fancy Ivy league Degree or working on Wall Street for 20+ years. 

In order to maximize value, Bridger assembled a 'hero team' to help put the program together. This team consists of several well known fund managers such as John Pennington, Aaron Wagner, Sid Krommenhoek, Terry Rogers, Adam Campbell, and Paul Hutchinson.
So far, there are over 180 videos and 24+ hours of content inside the Mastermind. In addition, there are a number of downloadable assets and bonuses inside, including a workbook, networking area, DCF templates, P&L templates, legal docs, and more!
As of Jan 2021, there are over 3,000 students inside the Investment Fund Secrets community, and the movement is quickly growing.


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IFS Mini Vault

The Fund Mini-Vault is our perfect starter program. 

For those who want a crash course into what funds are, or want to be able to hang out in a room full of investors without skipping a beat...

This will get you caught up to speed.

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IFS Mastermind

The Fund Secrets Mastermind is a proven and tested implementation program that teaches you how to start a fund in the most efficient and effective way, saving you thousands of dollars and years of your life - for better results than what an Ivy League can deliver.

Includes over 180+ videos, Legal Documents, Networking Sheets, Weekly Live Calls, and more...
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The Black Card

Black Card is our highest level program. With a year of intensive 1v1 coaching, calls with lawyers, free pitch decks, access to investor data, and more...

This is truly the fastest path to getting your fund off the ground, as you work hand-in-hand with my team.

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